• Certified audits
• Agreed-upon procedures engagements (including PFC audits)
• Reviewed financial statements
• Compiled financial statements with or without disclosure
• Personal financial statements
• Budgets, projections and forecasts

Accounting / Bookkeeping
• Write-up/review general ledger accounts and propose
   adjustments as required
• Prepare or review:
     • Bank/checkbook reconciliations
     • Accounts receivable and payable aging schedules

     • Debt amortization
     • Equity schedules
     • Fixed asset and depreciation
     • Schedule of contracts (Percentage of Completion Accounting)
• Assist clients with QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting programs
• Prepare or review management-use-only interim financial

• Prepare corporate, partnership, trust and individual tax returns
• Estate and gift tax compliance
• Tax planning and projections
• Prepare payroll, sales and excise tax returns

Forensic Accounting / Litigation Support Services
• Corporate transaction and financial reporting
• Expert reports and testimony
• Lost profit analysis and damage measurements
• Support services in civil and criminal matters
• Insurance recovery claims

• Estate planning support services
• Estate administration services
• Represent clients for various audits (government, union,
   insurance, etc.)